Zoodles: tasty, simple and cute

Zoodles: tasty, simple and cute

Social media has taught us a few things lately: Unicorn Frappuccinos have just as much sugar as most other Starbucks specialty drinks. If you mix Borax, Elmer’s glue and shaving cream, you apparently get slime. And… you can make pretty much any food into a noodle.

Coodles = carrot noodles.
Toodles = turnip noodles.
Swoodles = sweet potato noodles.

And then we have zoodles… the trendiest of the fake noodles and the topic of this post.

Noodles used to be at the top of the “gorge myself senseless” list when I was morbidly obese. There was nothing better than sinking into the smooth sleepy bliss of a carb coma. Fast forward to 2017… job, child, adulting… carb comas cramp my style something terrible. I tried spaghetti squash. Meh. Subpar and way too much work for the bland taste.

In comes the hero: zoodles.

18156236_10109650301675020_8521375124995245665_oAll you need is a zucchini and any tool that will carve that squash up into noodles. I recently bought the Veggetti and it works great. Before I used this weird plastic grater I bought from a street vendor in Tehran and let’s just say I ended up with a bowl of zoodles and skin shavings. Ick.

The Veggetti is awesome sauce. It’s like a giant pencil sharpener. The best part of the process is when this little curlicue comes out the other end — you’ll see what I mean and you, too, will rejoice in its cuteness.


What you need to make zoodles:
– Zucchini (I’d just get five… because once you start, they are like crack)
– Veggetti or some other tool
– Any other ingredients you want to put on top of your zoodles

(I credit my interest in zoodles to my friend Bariatric Foodie, so it’s only fair I recommend her awesome zoodle recipe book.)


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