ObesityHelp Conference is in October!

ObesityHelp Conference is in October!

Next month you have the opportunity to head over to Long Beach, California for the ObesityHelp Conference, held October 27 through Oct 28.

You might ask, “why go?” And furthermore, “why the heck are you still going 9 years out? The answer is pretty simple. Community support is one of the key factors in maintaining weight. I could pull out some research, but it’s really common sense. Those who attend support groups and seek support from others experiencing the same struggles tend to fare better in the long run. Not only do I attend regular local support groups, but I also attend these two conferences every year.

This year was my first year on the 2017 Convention Exercise Committee for the Obesity Action Coalition. I also got to teach Aqua Zumba at their Your Weight Matters National Convention. In October I will also be one of the speakers at the Q&A panel discussing “post-op life, lifestyle changes and pitfalls to avoid.” Personally, this type of involvement is a crucial part of my bariatric journey. It keeps me motivated and on track. Beyond the success benefits, you also get to meet some awesome people who will very likely become great friends. There’s nothing like spending time with other people who “get it.” It really doesn’t matter that I’m almost 10 years out. Somewhere deep inside I’ll always be a fat girl. And acceptance, no matter where you are in your journey (considering, pre-op or post-op) is a wonderful thing.

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