Drink more water challenge – join me!

Drink more water challenge – join me!

I hate drinking water. I wish I was one of those people at my work that guzzles down 4 to 5 water bottles daily… but I’m not. I usually get my water in while I teach fitness classes or when I’m playing hockey because I’m feeling thirsty. I haven’t been able to teach since September 26 due to a medical issue and won’t be able to for a few more weeks. This means my water intake is almost nonexistent. I’ve challenged myself to drink three 20oz bottles of water each day at work. We have LaCroix so I just shake that up and drink lightly carbonated flavored water. I’ve been doing this for one week and already feel a difference physically. I’m a lot less bloated and a lot more awake during the day. Granted, I’m heading to the bathroom every 30 minutes, but I hear that passes with time.

Are you a water person? If not, what’s stopping you? By the way, Dr. Mountain Dew, juice, and coffee.. that’s not water. Sure, these are liquids, but come on people. Trust me, I tried that copout years ago. It doesn’t work. So who is with me? What can you do today to give your body a boost with water? If you’ve had weight loss surgery, this is especially important for your overall health. Drink it when you take your vitamins. Drink it while you watch TV. Drink it right when you wake up in the morning.  Here’s an awesome chart that explains why increasing your water is worth it.

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