9 years and 150lbs lighter

9 years and 150lbs lighter

Nine years ago today I started my weight loss surgery journey. Wow. Speechless. I was excited, exhausted, unsure and hopeful. And I was a whopping 305lbs. I can’t say I was certain it would work, but I was certain in myself.

Since then, I lost 160lbs, had a baby (and regained 70-80lbs), had complications, revised to the sleeve, divorced, had a breast augmentation, lower body lift (holy ouch), and an arm lift. I became a group fitness instructor, averaging about nine classes a week. Unreal, if you ask the old me.

Emotionally I’ve grown enormously. I made many choices out of a strong need to feel loved, wanted and appreciated. Some were okay, others I had to learn from. I dealt with abuse, food addiction, mood swings and death. Losing weight and keeping it off is a vicious rollercoaster that eventually levels off. Through it all, my slightly naive, positive and hyper personality never disappeared. Therapy has helped me restructure my priorities and understand the difference between self-esteem and self-worth.

I wouldn’t change a thing. So here I sit down. 155lbs. Still some loose skin. Scars all over. Content and happy with me. I think that’s the ultimate goal of transformation… getting to a place where we accept ourselves in the moment instead of living in the “how it used to be” or in the “some day” scenarios. There’s no better time than this moment to be at peace.

Finally, my juicy ‘maintenance’ tip: continue to set new goals and constantly reinvent yourself. You will have to continuously tweak your goals, diet, exercise plan in order to stay one step ahead of your body.

**Thank you to all those who have supported me throughout my ups and downs.

And with that being said, here’s a photo of my reality (I can’t say it was easy to post these, but I decided I might as well show the full reality):

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